About Me

On a personal note, I'm 63 years old, father and grandpa .

I work with private individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs, founders and senior executives who
  • sense that there must be more to life, and want to live a more meaningful life
  • have led a successful life, but currently are in a difficult period. Instead of resigning themselves, they see this situation as an opportunity to transform their lives
  • feel a deep calling to contribute to change our world

My mission as a Purpose Counselor and Life Mentor is to empower you to find your real purpose in life and to live in meaningful happiness.

Purpose Counseling is about having a partner who helps you elicit your own inner wisdom and clarity, helps you see where you stand in your own way, and helps you get unstuck.

I deliver Inspirational Keynotes for associations and enterprises, which look for a speaker to shake up things a little bit, to move people to a new lasting energy-level, in both a profound as well as entertaining way.

Most people fail, because they have not found an answer to the single-most important question: "what on earth am I really here for?" But how can we succeed in leading a fulfilling life if we can´t even explain the reason for our own existence in the first place?

To help private individuals and enterprises worldwide to find and to live their answers is my mission since more than 30 years.
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