Discovery Session

A Discovery Session is a 2 hours powerful online purpose counseling session with me. You'll have the chance to identify your strengths, your values and your idea of a great life (or a great business). We'll also uncover your limiting beliefs and the ways you self-sabotage. We'll come up with an action plan for moving beyond these barriers.

Where is the session held?
Discovery Sessions are held online via skype or telephone.

You schedule your Discovery Session for a time which suits you. You can see the available times here.

€ 125,- - € 250,- 
(approx. US$ 140,- - US$ 280,-), 
according to your volition and your means

After your session
Most clients take half a day off work for a Discovery Session. Try to allow an hour after your session to be alone. We'll be covering a lot of content so you'll need some time to take it all in.

Live a meaningful life.
Would you like support with that?
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