Purpose Counseling

Where Are You Now?

You’re probably in one of two places right now:

While you can feel that something new is calling to you, you don’t know what it is! You feel the “off-ness” of what you’re doing now but can’t see what you’re meant to do next. You are looking for someone to help you discern what this next phase of your life is meant to be. 


You’re fairly clear about your bigger calling, but you can’t possibly see how to transition from what you’re doing now into the new work with ease and grace. You need help translating your calling into a viable course of action. 

No matter what level of clarity you have about your calling, you can feel that the old push and drive you’ve used to fuel your life has dried up and that there has to be another way.

How does this work?

We will work together to define your unique meaningful lifepurpose and find ways how to live it

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