(But who will care and protect the carers?) 
                                                                            Juvenal, Satires, 6, 1: 347

What is Supervision with Dieter Langenecker?
Working under supervision means that a coach, mentor or counselor uses the services of another coach, mentor or counselor to review their professional and personal development.

Coaches, mentors and counselors sell their expertise, their experience, and their perspective. That’s their “product”

It can be hard to quantify your expertise, and it is even harder to justify charging for it. This means coaching, mentoring and counseling have a fairly long sales cycle: someone has to not just find you, but like you and trust you before they even consider paying you for your services. You’re not going to sell an hour of your coaching services through a pay per click ad, and you certainly can’t successfully auction off an hour of your time on eBay. You have to build trust, and a lot of trust, to get paying clients.

The content:
  • Uncover the best niche for you and your business
  • Identify your ideal client so you know exactly WHO to market to
  • Know the best business model and revenue strategy so you can live a meaningful and fulfilling life, reach your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Package your services so they best serve your clients and you/your business
  • Develop your Core Marketing Message so you know exactly what to say in your marketing to attract your best clients
  • Design a custom marketing plan to reach your specific goals
  • Develop compelling marketing copy points you can use in all your marketing to effectively attract your ideal clients
  • Uncover a unique and compelling brand that you love, and that sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do
  • Know you have a financially viable business and understand exactly what it will take to reach your financial goals
  • Know exactly how to build your business around you so you know you'll enjoy it
  • Know exactly how to make sure your business, programs and services, brand, and marketing message connect and resonate with your ideal clients so they can't wait to work with you
  • Have an automated lead-generation system in place to funnel prospects into your business
  • Know how to sell in a manner that is comfortable and extremely effective, so you can turn prospects into paying clients
  • Know how to track and fine-tune your business and marketing over time so it continues to work better and better the longer you're in business
I’ll accompany you all way from developing your marketing strategy for your coaching, mentor or counselor business all the way up until it is set up and running. 

Duration: Usually 6 months, 1/week (or 2/week; 3 months)
Contribution: € 8.000,- (or 2.500,- + 3x 1.900,-/8.200,-)

What you maybe still are concerned with “is Dieter the right person, is this the right approach for me to work with?

And the truth is, I don’t know. You may be a great fit, or you might not.

I’ve found that the best way to figure out if it’s going to work out is to do what I call a Discovery Session.
Discovery Session
A Discovery Session is a 2 hours powerful online session with me; at the end of that session we should have developed a pretty good sense of whether to continue working together would be a good fit and would help you get the results you’re looking for.

Where is the session held?
Discovery Sessions are held online via skype or telephone.

Procedures & Times
Upon clicking the "Apply" button below you will be forwarded to the application form. If your application is accepted you will receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your Discovery Session for a time which suits you.

Upon booking the time for the session you will be directed to an order form. The contribution for the 2 hours Discovery Session is € 125,- - € 250,- (approx. US$ 140,- - US$ 280,-), according to your volition and your means.

One more thing: while there’s absolutely no obligation or expectation (or need) that we’ll continue to work together after the Discovery Session, I do ask that you’re serious about getting better results in your life and making the changes needed to do so.

Live a meaningful and fulfilling life, reach your financial and lifestyle goals!
Would you like support with that?

Apply for a Discovery Session by clicking the button below.
Start Your Path - Apply For A Discovery Session
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